The Little Local Book Hub – who are we?

“Like an open air library. Except you don’t have to be a member. And you can keep the books if you want to.”

It all started as a simple idea to make life under the coronavirus lockdown a little bit enjoyable.

Monique Hershkorn, an avid reader, decided to put a box of her unwanted books on the front lawn of her home in Leavesden Road, Stanmore, so that other residents in her street could enjoy them. There were just 7 books in total, as she has a Kindle and very few paperbacks. She then posted on The Stanmore Group on Facebook for locals to stroll by and grab a free read and invited them to donate a book in exchange.

Read how we grew here.

The Little Local Book Hub – where are we?

In just over a month we grew from one hub to more than a dozen, and we now have hubs from Cornwall to Scotland.

To get the address of your local hub, please visit our Facebook page at — thank you!

For other enquiries or to find out how to set up your own hub, please email